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Karman Lovely


After spine surgery in 2013, I was introduced to the Pilates Reformer and was instantly hooked.  I had found something that could strengthen my core and restore my lost mobility and flexibility.  Reformer allowed me to workout my entire body in a safe, yet effective way.

Already certified in physical fitness training, I soon became certified in Pilates and Pilates Reformer.  I have found that teaching Pilates & Fitness is an excellent way for me to help others feel better and become more in tune with their bodies.  My goal is to help my clients achieve optimal wellness by developing strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and balance. Pilates can be helpful to anyone regardless of gender or age.  

In my spare time, I love spending time with my husband, son, and 3 dogs.  

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Edna Balboa

 M. Ed, LPC.                                                         E- RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP, CPT

Edna has been a yoga teacher since 2003. She is Trauma Informed Yoga Certified. Edna has taught over 2000 hours of yoga. In addition, she has a Master’s degree in Counseling, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified as a personal trainer. Edna loves the mind body connection that she has been able to experience through yoga. She teaches in an eclectic style. She believes that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand and yoga is a tool to gain overall wellness. Edna has created workshops for yoga beginners, back strengthening, sun salutations and yoga for survivors of domestic violence/ sexual abuse. She also has experience working with clients that have injuries including amputation, and chronic pain.
As a psychotherapist and yoga teacher Edna has found that she can guide a client that is experiencing pain (mental, physical and/ or emotional) to reconnect to their body using breathing techniques, mindfulness and gentle/ restorative yoga postures. Reminding clients of what they are capable of versus their limitations.

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Taylor Curra


Yoga Instructor

Taylor received her RYT 200 through Black Swan Yoga. Trained heavily in how to teach a powerful Vinyasa flow class. Although she has the ability to lead a powerful yoga class, her 1 year journey as a teacher has lead her in teaching a slower more focused class. This has allowed her to be more mindful of her students bodies and their alignment, helping them develop a better personal practice.
Taylor is interested in having more knowledge of yoga therapy , and the human anatomy in general. One thing she is passionate about is making people feel better physically through movement, so they can continue to do the things they love!

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Kirsten Ochsner

Pilates Instructor

Kirsten is currently completing her 450 hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification. Prior to pursuing her certification, Kirsten graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.
Kirsten was introduced to Pilates in 2010 after a sports injury. She now strives to help others return to health and improve their daily lives through Pilates. Her goal is to have clients leave the studio feeling happy, balanced and strong.
Outside of the studio she enjoys traveling, outdoor activities and volunteering for local animal rescues.

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Yedi Spiewak


Yoga Instructor

Yedi is a yoga enthusiast and practitioner for over 6 years. She believes happiness is a choice and yoga can help in achieving it. She also believes that mindfulness and meditation are tools that help to train our brains to follow our will instead of just simply react to the outside stimuli.
Yedi completed her Yoga Alliance International certification at the acclaimed Nepal Yoga Home teacher training facility in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Besides managing the Hwy2Ananda Hatha Yoga practice, she also enjoys volunteering. She offers free yoga classes to seniors residing at Senior Living facilities and to the communities in need.
Before dedicating her life to yoga, she had a fulfilling career first in cytogenetics and then in the energy marketing & trading business.
She holds a BS and Magister in Biology, specialization in Cytogenetics and Teaching degree from the Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland and an MBA from the University of Houston.
Born in Poland, she moved to US in 1988 and now lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, two children and two rescue dogs..

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Suzanne Worrell

Pilates Instructor

Suzanne arrived in Houston in 2016 from Zionsville, IN, where she lived for two years with her husband Stewart; dog Teddy; and cats Ziggy, Caramel and Tiffany. Prior, she and her family had lived in Savannah, GA, where she first started teaching mat Pilates after having been an avid Pilates student for more than 15 years. She began teaching Pilates in 2012 after having fulfilled her goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon and at the same time seeking a new career and body/mind exercise focus. She credits Pilates with shoring up her core stamina, focus and mind/body connection. No longer a long-distance runner since her diagnosis of lupus, an auto-immune disease that affects the joints, skin and organs, Suzanne regularly practices Pilates as a way to loosen her joints that can stiffen due to the disease. Her Pilates practice also helps to maintain her fitness, weight and overall well-being. In the Spring of 2017 she began her comprehensive Pilates teacher certification with Washington Avenue Pilates. She truly enjoys teaching both new and advanced Pilates students alike and sharing her love of the practice that has given her so much!

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Ali Anton

Pilates Instructor

Ali would describe herself as a barrel racing, super studier, health freak, Pilates enthusiast. Ali first started doing Pilates to help her barrel racing by improving her balance and core strength. She instantly fell in love with Pilates, attending 2-3 classes daily in just weeks. Pilates has made her feel strong, confident and has improved her overall self-image of herself. Ali believes that there’s no greater feeling then when you feel good about yourself!
When one of Ali's instructors suggested she become certified and start teaching, she decided it would be great path for herself. She is already on a medical tract and teaching Pilates is just another way to help people find out the amazing benefits of their body.
When Ali is not studying, riding horses, in school or doing Pilates, she likes to play with her dog, Chloe, trying new restaurants, and traveling often

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Rachel Davidson

Yoga Instructor

Rachel is an RYT-200 certified yoga instructor. She began taking yoga classes at 15 in Columbus, Ohio where she grew up, while looking for a new form of exercise to compliment her dance training. She really fell in love with the practice during college when she realized the mental and emotional benefits it provides. Rachel completed her 200 hr training at Houston Yoga and Ayurvedic Wellness Center in Cypress, TX. Her training is of the Iyengar lineage and she loves to teach gentle and flow classes. Rachel is very passionate about helping people heal their bodies and minds through the practice of yoga. The thing she loves most about yoga is that anyone and everyone can benefit and grow from the practice and see its effects on many aspects of their lives.

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Alyssa Provitt


Pilates Instructor

Alyssa moved to Houston from Florida in 2014 with husband, Larry for an amazing career opportunity.  They have a 4lb teacup Yorkie named Gio (who is the sweetest most adorable pup EVER!)  Alyssa has always been a lover of the outdoors, sports, fitness and health.  She played on a travel volleyball team through high school and college.  After being introduced to Pilates, her life was changed. Through her Pilates practice she gained better posture, stronger leaner muscles, and was able to de-stress.  

Alyssa is Reformer certified through Balanced Body and she is also a certified personal trainer. When Alyssa is not teaching, she loves to travel and spend quality time with her family.

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Hannah Hardison

Pilates Instructor

Hannah found her love for Pilates about 4 years ago through taking mat classes in the Heights.  Ever since then she has raved about the changes she has seen in her tone and alignment.  

She received her mat certification with Peak Pilates 2 years ago and has been teaching ever since.  She is well versed in both mat and reformer exercises.

With her upbeat music and contemporary style, you'll be sure to feel the burn in her class!